Have you ever been to a restaurant and all of a sudden the waiters start banging on dishes, marching around with a cupcake, and singing an unusual song. If so, you've just witnessed a birthday party. The song they are singing, Las Mananitas, or the little mornings, is displayed below for your reading and learning pleasure.

Las Mañanitas.

Estas son las mananitas que cantaba el Rey David
a los muchachos bonitos se las cantamos aqui
Despierta, muy bien, despierta
mira que ya amanecio
ya los pajarillos cantan
y la luna ya se metio
Que linda esta la manana en que vengo a saludarte
venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte
El dia en que tu naciste nacieron todas las flores
en la fila del bautismo cantaron los ruisenores
Ya viene amaneciendo
y a la luz del dia nos vio levantarte de manana
mira que ya amanecio.

English translation.

These are the mornings
that used to sing King David
to the good looking guys we sing them here
Wake up , wake up very well
look, it's already dawn
the birds sing already and the moon has already put in
How beautifull is the morning
in which I come to say hello
we all come with pleasure to congratulate you
On the day that you were born
all the flowers were born
in the baptism line all the nightingales sang
It's already dawn
in the daylight it saw us wake you up
Look, it's already dawn

The last time I checked an mp3 of Pedro Infante singing Las Mananitas was available here

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