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In March, 2005 Nadine's mom, Mary, came for a visit and treated us to an evening at our favorite restaurant, the Sheik. Here they are enjoying their delicious marguaritas. Try to time your dinner so that you arrive around sunset, and if you bring along a light sweater, you can usually sit outside and enjoy the crashing of the waves below you, and the view surrounding you. Here is a view to the north, just after the sun went down. A little later in the evening they turn on the waterfall which streams down the rocks just to the right of this photo.
Here is the view to the south, the beginning of the Malecon. They have just recently (2004-2005) completely remodelled this stretch of beach, adding a wide walkway that runs from here all the way to Olas Altas in the old town, about 11 kilometers away. The view isn't the only display to be had at the Sheik. Here is our waiter flamboyantly flambeing my pepper steak. And it was delicious too. Once the sun sets, you can see the city lights off in the distance. The red lights are on the radio towers in Olas Altas.

Finally, here is a panoramic shot I stiched together as it was just getting dark. Enjoy!

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