The Wetlands [top]
A view of the lake, with birds flying overhead. There is a wetland nature reserve at the north end of Mazatlán called the Estera del Yugo. If you'ld like to learn more about the dry jungle or just spend a few hours away from the beach and the trinket shops, you should arrange a visit. We visited earlier this year, and for your entertainment pleasure , we went equipped with a camera. The men in the family will definitely like this for two reasons: 1) Admission is free, and 2) There is nothing to buy. You're not totally off the hook though, for donations are needed and gratefully accepted.
Shopping in Juarez [top]
Nadine in front of a statue of Benito Juarez at the Juarez market You've already bought chachkas at most of the souvenier stores in the golden zone. Then you went to El Centro for shoes and the mercado and came away with a suitcase full of T-shirts. Next you were off to the Gran Plaza to spend some serious money at Fabrica de Francia, and to top it off, you make a combination Sam's Club and Walmart run just to check the prices. Yes, you have a shopping problem, and do I have a place for you. Every Sunday you can have a whole new shopping experience at the Juarez Flea Market.
A Day Trip to Copala [top]
My friends Jack and Val, and Val's mom and sister in Copala In March 2004, my friends Jack and Valerie Moreau, along with Val's mother and sister, decided to take a day trip to Copala, with a few stops along the way. If you find yourself in Mazatlán for a longer period of time, and what to see what smaller villages are like, this might just be worth your while.

Quote of the day:
A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
Dave Barry

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