Private Homes [top]
A pretty pink house with a one car garage. One tired kitty. Sometimes there's nothing like your own bed (or two) to stretch out in, when you've had a long hard day at the beach, or one too many at the bar.

In addition to the hotels and motels around, there a many private homes that are available for short term vacation rental. These homes are fully equipped, with tourists in mind. Prices range from about $70 to $125 dollars per day during the winter high season, and usually drop substantially between May and October.

Some people we know rent out their places. You can find more details here. Nadine and I usually try to stay in a home when we travel, and we find that the extra space, the lack of noise, and the little creature comforts that we take for granted always make our vacation that much better. On your next trip, why not try it out, you may never stay in a hotel again.
Hotels in Mazatlán [top]
There are lots of hotels in Mazatlán, ranging from small motels off the beaten track, to large luxury beachfront resorts. The prices range form $20 to $200 per day. Frequently someone sends me an email message asking me to recommend a hotel or describe whether or not the hotel they are staying in is "nice." I have never answered such a question. Why?

Even though Mazatlán is a big city, it is also a small town. I want to stay on good terms with all of the hotel owners in the area, so I try to refrain from expressing any preferences. I always want to be able to honestly tell them that I didn't say anything bad about their place. If you want to find out more about a particular hotel or resort, you might consider posting your inquiry on the rec. travel.latin-america newsgroup on USENET.

If you want to contact a hotel directly, here is a list of phone and fax numbers of some of the hotels and motels in Mazatlán.

Tel: 982-7558
Tel: 981-7080
Amigo Plaza
Tel: 983-6699
Fax: 983-7282
Tel: 982-0000
Fax: 982-1025
Azteca Inn
Tel: 913-4655
Fax: 913-7476
Balboa Towers
Tel: 913-7144
Tel: 985-1111
Tel: 914-0029
Playa Real
Tel: 913-1111
Casa Contenta
Tel: 913-4976
Casita Bella
Tel: 916-7518
Club Ammaczatlan
Tel: 913-5954
Costa de Oro
Tel: 913-5344
Fax: 914-4209
Days Inn
Tel: 983-1888
Fax: 984-0799
De Cima
Tel: 985-1855
Del Real Suites
Tel: 983-1955
Fax: 982-1200
Don Pelayo
Tel: 983-2233
Double Tree
Tel: 913-0200
Fax: 916-6261
El Cid Mega Resort
Tel: 913-3333
Fax: 914-2688
El Rancho
Tel: 988-0099
Fax: 988-0090
Fiesta Inn
Tel: 989-0100
Fax: 989-0130
Tel: 985-1579
Inn at Mazatlán
Tel: 913-4151
Fax: 913-4782
Islas del Sol
Tel: 913-0199
Fax: 913-5666
Itza Mar
Tel: 916-6189
Tel: 984-1277
La Siesta
Tel: 981-2640
Fax: 913-7476
Las Flores
Tel: 913-5100
Fax: 914-3422
Las Palmas
Tel: 913-4366
Fax: 914-3477
Los Sábalos
Tel: 983-5409
Fax: 983-8156
Luna Palace
Tel: 914-6366
Fax: 913-9666
Marcos Suites
Tel: 983-5998
Tel: 986-4655
Fax: 984-8092
Oceano Palace
Tel: 913-0666
Fax: 913-9666
Olas Altas Inn
Tel: 981-3192
Fax: 985-3720
Paraiso del Mar
Tel: 913-8767
Pato Blanco
Tel: 916-3366
Playa Mazatlán
Tel: 913-4443
Posada la Mision
Tel: 913-1444
Fax: 916-5870
Pueblo Bonito
Tel: 914-3700
Fax: 914-1723
Quijote Inn
Tel: 914-3344
Fax: 914-3344
Riviera Mazatlán
Tel: 983-4822
Fax: 984-4532
Royal Villas
Tel: 916-6161/70
Fax: 914-0777
S. los Girasoles
Tel: 913-5288
Tel: 982-0000
Fax: 982-1025
Solamar Inn
Tel: 916-6197
Fax: 916-6197
Suites del Real
Tel: 983-1955
Tel: 914-7754
Torres Mazatlán
Tel: 988-0227
Fax: 988-0097
Tel: 983-8000
Tel: 988-0048
Be sure to prefix all numbers with 011-52-669 when dialing from the USA or Canada
If you're looking for the number of a hotel that isn't listed here, try looking it up in the Mexican Yellow Pages.
Trailer Parks in Mazatlán [top]

There are also several trailer parks in Mazatlán, where you can drive up, hook up, and hang out. I've visited two of them so far, and found the owners friendly and helpful. One is on the beach, and called Mar Rosa Trailer Park. Their GPS co-ordinates are 23 degrees 15 minutes 26 seconds north and 106 degrees 27 minutes 35 seconds West. The cost is 10-16 dollars per day depending on the proximity to the beach. They charge 3 dollars a day extra if there are more than 2 people in the trailer, and require a 100 deposit to reserve space. The nice thing about this park is that it is right on the beach, in the middle of the golden zone. Needless to say, the beachfront spaces have been reserved by the same people for years and years, but no matter which space you wind up in, you are only seconds away from the crashing waves.

The second trailer park I've been to is the Las Palmas trailer park. It is just across the street from Guadalajara Grill, right in the heart of the golden zone. Their GPS co-ordinates are 23 degrees 14 minutes 40 seconds north and 106 degrees 27 minutes 04 seconds West. The cost is $270 dollars per month. Particular spaces can be reserved for a minimum of three months, and require a one month deposit. The folks here love to get together and go down to Lario's for dinner and Margaritas. The office is on the third floor of the building overlooking the trailers. Their phone number is 011-52-669-913-5311.

On a Boat [top]
If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a boat, and you are looking for a place to park the thing, there are 3 marinas in Mazatlán that you can choose from. The Pacific Pearlhas gone through the trouble of collecting the following information:

Marina Mazatlán

No. of Slips 196 Largest Slip 150 feet
Phone 916-7799, 916-3614 Email
Harbor Master Gerardo Sanchez Lias VHF channel 16
Rates are per foot per day in USD, plus power and water
Winter Rates - Includes Water Only (Nov 1 to May 31)
1-6 days 32 cents 7-29 days 29 cents
30-90 days 25 cents more than 90 days 22 cents
Winter Rates - Includes Water and Power (Nov 1 to May 31)
1-6 days 36 cents 7-29 days 34 cents
30-90 days 29 cents more than 90 days 26 cents
Summer Rates - Includes Water Only (Jun 1 to Oct 31)
1-6 days 26 cents 7-29 days 22 cents
30-90 days 18 cents more than 90 days 15 cents
Summer Rates - Includes Water and Power (Jun 1 to Oct 31)
1-6 days 30 cents 7-29 days 25 cents
30-90 days 22 cents more than 90 days 20 cents
Special rate for only water slip if you pre-pay for all summer of 12 cents per foot per day.
Services available are Pump Out, Laundry, Ice, Fax, launch ramp, showers, and 24 hour security. Rates do not include 15% Mexican tax.

El Cid Marina

No. of Slips 90 Largest Slip 120 feet
Phone 916-3468 Email
Harbor Master Geronimo Cevallos VHF channel 16
Rates are per day in USD, plus power
0-46 feet 25 47-70 feet 35
71-90 feet 50 more than 90 feet 80
Services available are Water, showers, Laundry, Beach Club access, all El Cid resort amenities, and 24 hour security.

Isla Mazatlán

No. of Slips 110 Largest Slip unknown
Phone 916-0833 Email
Harbor Master Eduardo Olivares Amores Fax 913-0549
Rates are unknown at this time
Services available are gas, diesel, bathrooms, restaurant, internet, and 24 hour security.

Club Nautico

This isn't a marina with slips, but an anchor out.
Phone 981-5195 Fax 981-5195
Harbor Master Enrique Casarobias Garcia VHF channel 16
It is free, but you must contact the Harbor Master to let him know you are coming.
There is a 5 dollar a day dock charge fee for a dinghy.

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