Your host for our art collection is Nadine. who likes to collect art. Since we moved from our big house in Mazatlan, we have had to become more selective in what we display and what we don't, so we put up our favorites, and have decided to slowly sell the rest. Here is what we have for sale, in case you are interested. Call Nadine at 1-628-266-8113 or send her an email.
The art of Aurelio Pescina.
The art of Ramon Kelley.
The art of Vladimir Cora.
The art of Miguel Garcia Ceballos.
Other Artists

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In heaven, the police are British, the cooks are Italian, the lovers are French, and everything is organized by the Swiss. In hell, the police are French, the cooks are British, the lovers are Swiss, and everything is organized by the Italians.
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