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Situated on a quiet street just steps away from the main drag and the beach is Chrissy's Budget Apartment, a charming little place on the upper floor of the house she is living in. It is located perhaps fifty meters away from her hair salon and coffee shop and is available for rent for only $670 USD per month. That works out to about $23 USD per day. Also all of the utilities, gas, water, electricity, and trash collection, are included in the rent. She has also added cable TV, internet access, and mini-split (ie quiet) air conditioners to this unit.

Let's start with a view from the balcony. Towards the north, we have a large tree providing afternoon shade, and towards the south we can see the middle/upper class neighborhood surrounding this apartment.

Notice the AGA truck parked across the street. It and various other vendors come by frequently and make deliveries right to your front door. Next we have three views of the living room.

The living room is simply but colorfully furnished, with a rattan sofa, three chairs, and a coffee table. The apartment is clean and bright, with freshly painted white plaster walls and tile floors. Did I mention that all of the utilities, gas, water, electricty, and trash collection, are included in the rent? Thus the $610 USD is all you pay for a month of life in the slow lane.
A nice TV sits underneath the whisper quiet mini-split air conditioner, so you can watch TV from the bed while you enjoy the cool air. Of course, you'll probably be at the beach most of the time.
Next we come the the bedroom. The bedroom has a queen sized comfy bed, and a very large closet behind that curved white wall in the back. Plenty of room, no matter how much luggage you arrive with.
Beyond the bedroom is a warm and sunny balcony, perfect for a petit déjeuner while watching the world go by. Also the kitchen is fully stocked, complete with microwave oven, dishes, utensils, etc.

To contact Chrissy, please send her a message at:

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