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Next we enter where the queen lives, Queen Nadine that is. Her faithful subjects, Belle and Venus await her regal presence. Nadine has always wanted a four-poster bed, so here it is. Also, you'll notice that she too has a diskless workstation on a cart that she can roll around, so she never has to get out of bed to shop on Ebay. Here is Nadine's TV, where she likes to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah. To the left is a big white shutter. This is our siesta room. When we close the doors and lower the shutter, the room is pretty much pitch black. We try to take a siesta almost every day from about 2-4pm, so please don't call us during that time, we won't answer the phone anyway. Here is the same shot, with the shutter up. A whole new little sitting area is revealed. Here we are in the sitting area. The table and chairs are acrylic, with a glass top. The statue on the table is another Gutierrez. To the right of the tv are the kennels for the dogs. When they get a little to rowdy, we have them spend some quiet time in their kennels, which it seems to me they really enjoy. Next to the kennels is a Bang-Olufsen stereo. The painting is another Osorio. Notice the open cabinet door under the tv. Well it leads to the patio, so the kitties can come and go as they please. At the other end of the room is Nadine's chest of drawers, and another Osorio. I told you Osorio was her favorite. Here is the view to the left out of her sitting area. We used to own the tennis court next door, but sold it a few years ago when cash got a little tight. Here is the view to the right. As you can see, we live in the marina section of the El Cid development. There are still a lot of lots available, so come on down. Here's part of Nadine's bathroom, and look who's in there primping. Nadine never met a hair care product she didn't like, or at least try out. Here is Nadine's shower. It is large enough that we could conceivably rent it out to a grad student, provided we included meals. Here is the other side of the bathroom, where our new (2003) kitty, Jarod, likes to hang out. And now the part the ladies have been waiting for, Nadine's closet. This is after we reorganized it a few days ago. But that's only the half of it. Here is the other side of the closet. She is one of Ebay's best customers, with over 350 positive feedbacks, and no negatives. And here is the picture that started it all. She keeps it next to her bed as a reminder. Nadine and I met on May 20, 1990 at the Club Med in Sonora Bay (Guyamas). It was the first time that either of us had ever vacationed alone. The first night we were there, the club arranged a singles dinner so that all the people who were on their own could meet. Some drunk guy was trying to hit on Nadine before dinner, so as we prepared to be seated, she come over to where I was and ask if she could sit with me. So this beautiful blond, in a striking red top comes over and asks to sit with me, a geek from California, and what am I going to say but SURE!. We got to talking during dinner, and afterwards we took a walk on the beach, where I explained how microwave ovens work. She didn't fall asleep, or make me feel like tech-trash, so I was hooked. We spent the next three days together, having fun, during that time they had a little art exhibit at the resort. This was one of the paintings, and we both admired it. She was scheduled to leave a couple of days later, and I bought it for her without her knowing about it. As she was on the bus, I climbed on (I was staying a couple of extra days), and gave this to her. She later told me that it was the first unconditional gift she had ever received. For all both of us knew, we would never see each other again. Well, about three months later I get a phone call from Nadine, inviting me to visit her in Los Angeles. The rest, shall we say, is history, and a wonderful history it is.

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In theory there's no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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