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A couple of shots of the exterior of our house in wonderful Belvedere, California. In case you don't know about Belvedere, it is one of the nicest spots in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't want to sound pretentious, but Belevedere was ranked 7th in the nation in terms of most expensive areas to live. Now that we live here, I can begin to understand why.
No matter where you live in Belvedere, you can walk out your front door and go for a walk in the woods, with incredible views of Angel Island, the San Francisco skyline, and the Golden Gate bridge in the background. Nadine and I do this almost daily with our gatita dog. But wait, there's more! You can also walk down the hill and board a ferry to San Francisco. Instead of fighting commuter traffic, you can be relaxing on board a nice boat while it takes you to and from work. As they say in real estate, location is everything, and in the case of Belvedere, it's true. By the way, this house is for rent from the months of September until June each year. If you need to be in the bay area during the school year, send us a message and see if it is still available. It comes fully furnished, and the rent is $4200 per month. See, I told you Belvedere was expensive! Here is a view from our patio. Down below you can see an area know as Beledere lagoon. All the houses there border on a small lagoon area, where you can take your little boat and putz around on the water. The hills in the background are part of Tiburon, another nice area in Marin county. We often have lunch and dinner on the patio. Since we are on the east side of the island, the afternoon sun is already on the other side and the shade makes it very pleasant to sit outside and enjoy the view. Here is a picture of our dining area, which is just off the kitchen. Our house is built into a hillside, so everything is extrememly private. Through the window you can see the trees and bushes that surround our house. There is a small patio just outside, where we usually do any bar-b-que cooking if Nadine feels like it. The chairs are leather, and yes, each one is a different color. Chalk it up to Henry wanting to be eccentric.

Quote of the day:
A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

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