Our Beautiful Weather
Month C F Rain in
Month C F Rain in
Jan20.869.10.7 July28.282.88.3
Feb20.168.20.2 August28.383.17.2
Mar20.669.10.3 Sept28.282.85.6
Apr22.272.10.1 Oct27.582.13.4
May24.276.50 Nov22.272.00.3
June27.582.51.2 Dec21.771.10.4
The following monthly temperatures are averages. Clearly, it will be warmer during the day, and cooler at night. From my experience, the weather is very pleasant from November until May. Sometime in June, and definitely from July until September, it is quite hot and humid. January through March are the coolest months, with typical daytime temperatures in the high 70's to low 80's and evening temperatures in the low 60's. A great time to play golf or tennis. How do locals cope with the summer months? Simple, the Mexicans have a great invention called the Siesta. You get up very early, around 6am, and do whatever you want to do outside that is strenuous, such as playing tennis or exercising. You have lunch from 12 until 2 and then take a nice long nap from 2 to 4. After that, you start what amounts to another day, and go on with your business until 8 or 10 in the evening. All in all, it is a great way of life.

A ten day forecast of the weather in Mazatlan is available.

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