A hand carried envelope, still the highest data rate in the world Why should you believe what we say, after all we might be employed by the Mazatlán goodwill mafia. Well, here is what some of you in touristland had to say about Mazatlán, and our particular view of it. These are a few of the email letters we've received recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Received: Tue, 16 May 2006
Email address: "Conrad A. Hopp, CPA" <aaron-AT-hoppconsulting.com>
Subject: Mazatlán Vacation

Nadine & Henry:

Thank you for all of the work that you have done on your website! I visited Mazatlán on May 6-13 of 2006. Now I am back at work secretly checking out the pictures of my vacation.

Your website was a wonderful help in getting reacquainted with Mazatlán. My parents have had a time share at Islas Del Sol for 25 years. At that time, Islas Del Sol was nearly the northern boundary of development. Their weeks are at the end of January. I accompanied them for the first 10 years, but now I am CPA here in the states and can't join them. So, I picked up a week in May. No better way to decompress from Tax Season!

May is a wonderful and calming time of year in Mazatlán. This year 15 of my family members made the trip. Other than the cruise ship traffic, it seemed were were the only Americans in town. And at Islas Del Sol the only competition for lounge chairs was a family from Guanajuato who were instantly friendly and invited us to visit their home town and stay with them.

Other than long walks on the beach, Pacifico by the pool and eating at every restaurant I passed, several of us went bottom fishing. We caught enough Red Snapper and Barracuda to feed the 15 of us, 1/2 of the Islas Del Sol staff and tip Juan, our guide, mostly in fishy goodness. My parents and I also visited the Tequila distillery and El Noria. The two bottles of Tequila I purchased are now safely in the states and ready for my own brand of Tequila Sunrise! I also made the journey to the cathedral and central market, on Mexican Mother's Day no less. Everyone had a cake and flowers for their Mama.

Other members of my family went to Stone Island. They had a lot of fun there! Except for afterwards when my brother felt poorly all night. He was diagnosed with food poisoning the next morning (presumably from his time on Stone Island). A Mexican doctor told him he would feel better in 10 minutes, then stuck him in the arm with a needle. The uncontrollable vomiting started in 2 minutes, another needle, in the butt this time, and the vomiting stopped. Yet another needle with antibiotics in the other cheek and he was better by noon! Couldn't have all that fun with a doctor in U.S. for $30, including the house call.

Regardless, we all enjoyed our time in Mazatlán! I have attached a picture of Sara (my girlfriend) and I at Casa Loma.

Thanks again!

Aaron Hopp
Longmont, Colorado

Received: Tue, 27 Dec 2005
Email address: Richard Sherman <shermanr-AT-cox.net>
Subject: Questions About Mazatlán From Richard Sherman, Austin, TX

December 26, 2005 Nadine and Henry, Please allow me to say that you are obviously very unselfish to provide and maintain a great web page for educating people like us about Mazatlán. I imagine, however, that you do suffer from serious overload at times, judging by the number of letters that you generously process. I have read your web page and many letters with interest - thank you for all of that, and for helping us in advance, as well!!

By way of a very quick introduction, I am a (somewhat) retired engineering exec from Atlantic Richfield Company, now British Petroleum, still keep active as a real estate broker and certified real estate appraiser in Texas, teach math to "at risk" high school students part time, have done satisfying mission work in Uganda, Africa, and contribute time to needy organizations here as time permits. My wife still works full time but will be eligible to retire in about three years.

I purchased a 20 year vacation package from El Cid last year and have at least two weeks of certificates to take there before July 7, 2006, in either Mazatlán, Cozumel or Cancun. We have spent time in Cozumel and Cancun and have enjoyed those beautiful Caribbean spots, but want now to concentrate on getting to know Mazatlán. Your description, and the description of the experience of others of that city makes it sound great!!

Your transportation section was helpful, but I am interested in either driving or bussing there through Laredo, at least the first time, which would provide an opportunity to see parts of Mexico never traveled to. I have heard that the bus may be a good way to do that for the first time, many carriers offering first class and ejecutivos (sp?) class of passenger service. Have you heard from any Austin folks who have recently taken buses from Austin to Mazatlán who we may speak/write to? Internet browsing turned up this web site: http://aprendizdetodo.com/travel/?item=20041211#comments but I haven't found those who have traveled all the way to Mazatlán.

A list of buses from Austin so far includes Autobuses Americanos, Autobuses Garcia's, Autobuses San Luis, Transportes Matehuala, Transportes Rodriguez and Transportes Tejanos. Real experience by other Texans would be most appreciated, due to normal caveats. I plan to check with AAA as well to see if anyone there has any experience with that route.

Second question- which section of El Cid in Mazatlán should I request?

Received: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 00:38:16 -0500
Email address: Debbie & Scott
Subject: Thanks for the Website

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the website. My husband and I are coming to Mazatlán 5/28-6/4/05, and your website has introduced us to some places that we would like to explore (especially Copala). I will send a donation to the Humane Society (your version of it) because I used to volunteer with the Humane Society of Charles County, MD, and am now getting involved with Pet Harbor, a Siberian Husky rescue squad in Northern Virginia (got married and moved!). We adopted a Husky from a dog pound in January so that he could befriend our Rottweiler that was missing her Husky brother from the Humane Society that had to be put to sleep after 12 years of being a loyal companion to me (and spending 6 years with hubby and 2 years with the Rottie). The previous Husky taught the Rottie to know what was expected of a good dog in our home. Now the Rottie is teaching her new brother what she was taught, even though they are about the same age. (We know that you have to pay attention to a Rottie's breeding unless you can be with them 24/7, so a pound isn't the best place to find one since we work).

Thank you both for sharing your fabulous home with us, and more importantly, a non-advertising website that allows the freedom to view options without those pop-ups!

I did have a question, that you can answer or not (due to time limitations, and the number of hits, I'm sure). We will be staying at the Marina El Cid Hotel and Yacht Club. Are the pictures from El Cid in the same location? We know absolutely nothing about Mazatlán, but know that we love the western shore of Mexico. We've gone to Cabo San Lucas the last 2 years in February, and Puerto Vallarto in September, so we are expanding our adventures. We particularly like the western side of Mexico over the hip hop places on the eastern shores (like Cancun). I'm the same age as you, so Senor Frog's isn't for me anymore, and neither is discos until all hours of the night. The wildlife habitat thing looked interesting because I'm with Department of Agriculture. We are definitely into more educational journeys these days, and I'd love to see a plantation and what they do with the produce. I was interested in the tile factory, because that would make great gifts to bring back, but I missed where that was exactly. I'll look again later.

You have convinced me that one of our day trips has to be to Copala. I'll check maps and see if we need a rental car or should take a taxi.

Loved your website, and appreciate it very much. I do wish that you would update the "Events" part, but that is for selfish reasons! I'm sure that I can find that on a Chamber of Commerce type of site. Thanks again - - Debbie

Received: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:46:56 -0700
Email address: nephew -AT- pyramid.net
Subject: Thanks

Dear Henry and Nadine,

I found the website that you have created about Mazatlán to be informative and enjoyable. Please find enclosed a check in the amount of $20.00 to be used for your Amigos de Los Animales as a small way of saying Thank-you.

About a year ago, a lady who works in the same offices as my husband went to Mazatlán, and she came back absolutely raving about it. Since we were looking for someplace special to go for our 25th wedding anniversary, we decided to give Mazatlán consideration. Combining the information that we found with her enthusiastic recommendation, we decided to go. (It really made me feel a lot more secure that I was able to print out information from your site to take with us about emergency phone numbers, doctors, a lawyer, Etc. that you had good experience with, just in case.)

We arrived in Mazatlán on Tuesday, July 6, and flew back on Thursday, July 15. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán, and we found it to be our favorite place that we've stayed ever. Our room was perfect; it was a junior suite with a little kitchenette, and the best part, besides how nice and accommodating the people were, was that we had our own balcony overlooking the beach, which was very close. The ocean was bathtub warm, with fun waves to play in (we went to the Mazatlán Wal Mart and got a couple of cheap body boards to play with.) Whenever the jellyfish flag was up, we enjoyed the beautiful pools. The hotel had many activities to choose from, but we spent most of our time running around doing stuff.

We took a tour to Deer Island and went snorkeling, and we went on a City Tour. We went to the Aquarium and enjoyed the exhibits and two of the shows, the bird one and the sea lion one. After the Aquarium, we walked over to a big mall that was kinda in the vicinity. It had a department store in it that reminded me of Sears, but what was interesting, is that they actually sold motorcycles in it. Speaking of motorcycles, Norm enjoyed noticing the different makes that they had in Mazatlán than they have here. The bikes that they use to deliver pizzas look a lot like the ones we had in the U.S. in the '70s, but newly manufactured. We had to laugh when we discovered that, while Harley Mazatlán items were widely available for sale, there really was no Harley shop!

We went on a tour to Stone Island and went for a banana boat ride plus horseback riding. A couple of days later, we went to Stone Island again, and rode again. This time, Norm and I were the only customers with the two guides. We had two hours of going through coconut plantations and being shown all kinds of things: a blue crab hiding under a bush, several huge termite nests, shrimp farms, an iguana at the tip top of an old dead palm tree, people climbing up the trees to harvest the coconuts, tons of birds, and more. They even had us taste some plants that I never heard of before, and we ate mangos right off trees that we passed by. They even chopped open a coconut for us, so we could drink the milk right out of it right there.

We went to the Fiesta at the Hotel Playa Mazatlán. The meal was great, and the entertainment colorful. (I could have done without the part with a partial chicken fight, though!!!)

We did check out Senior Frogs, but we strategically went on a Sunday afternoon. That way, we could say that we've been there, but we avoided the noise and commotion that would have been miserable. Norm had ribs, and I had Peep, Oink, Splash. The ribs were extremely tender, and all the food was quite tasty!

On the night of our anniversary itself, the 8th, we were trying to decide where to have a special dinner. The concierge recommended, Casa Loma, which you had also listed on your site. We went there, and boy, it was great! I had delicious lobster tail, and Norm said that the filet mignon was the best he had ever had. Having been there yourselves, you know that the atmosphere was absolutely elegant, and the service impeccable. (The concierge even let the cat out of the bag about it being our anniversary when she made the reservation for us, and they brought us a complimentary flan with a candle in it and sang to us!)

The last couple of days we were there, the lady from Norm's work and her family came down. Her husband and Norm went deep sea fishing, and Norm caught a sailfish that was about 8 feet long and 70 lbs! Norm took some of the meat, and donated the rest. The meat he took, the restaurant at our hotel cooked up for us that night, and it was great. They just grilled it, but served it with several sauces to try with it. Yum!

Well, I've taken more than enough of your time, rambling on about the fabulous time that we had. Suffice it to say, we really want to go back again sometime in the next couple of years. (I don't think Norm can wait much longer than that to have Imperial Shrimp again!)

Thanks again for the contribution that your website made to our having the BEST time!

Kind regards,
Shawna Halverson

Received: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 08:18:12 -0700
Email address: bubbynapier -AT- charter.net
Subject: our vacation to Mazatlán

Hello, We just wanted you to know that we found your web-site before our vacation to Mazatlán and it was very helpful! We were in Mazatlán from November 21st to November 28th of this year. It was our first visit to anywhere in Mexico. Your web-site was very informative and helped us in our planning for the trip and made our trip better.

We ate at The Shiek and absolutely loved it! We shared the seafood platter and then had the Crepe Suzzetts for dessert. We had a wonderful view outside on the balcony. Thanks for recommending it. Actually, everywhere we ate was very good. There was a little place in the Golden Zone not far from our resort called "Gus, Gus." We ate there for lunch two different times and thought the food was great. It was great prices too. They had the best hamburger I have ever eaten and their mexican was outstanding. We visited Ponchos which was very romantic too. We ate while watching the sun set. One of the best views of the whole town (we thought) was actually from the La Concha Restaurant in the resort we stayed at "El Cid, El Moro Towers." We had several of our meals there just because of the view. While there we did the City Tour and the Stone Island tour. Our tour guides were excellent and a lot of fun. We also went to a Mexican Fiesta which was a lot of fun. It was hosted at our resort. Anyway, we fell in love with Mazatlán and want to go there again sometime. We were actually celebrating our 20th anniversary and it was a perfect time! It was hard to come home to our crazy life ( we both work, have two children and are very active in our school and church, my husband also coaches a high school basketball team at the school he teaches at). Oh well, we have our pictures, tape and memories! Thanks again for your web-site- we loved it! Nathaniel and Ramona Napier

Received: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:44:17 EDT
Email address: Laughingd2 -AT- aol.com
Subject: Thanks for the Mazatlán info!

Hi Nadine and Henry,
We just got back from a week in Mazatlán, and I wanted to thank you for your web page and all the great info it has, as well as its (your) fun attitude. There were 16 of us, all at the El Cid Moro or Granada - we have a few time share people in the extended family. With one big exception, your recommendations were excellent. The Hotel La Playa restaurant was fantastic: right on the beach, a great band (we danced a lot after dinner), and the food was delicious. The garlic shrimp was probably the best dish I had all vacation, along with the Shrimp Diabla at Casa Loma.
We went to Casa Loma on our last night, again on your recommendation, and it was wonderful. Although a few of us were in shorts, they were our nicest shorts and we wore good shirts, OK? And the staff were incredibly attentive, especially helping us order something special for our 4 and 7 year old kids. The food was a cut above other restauraunts we went to, and was really only about 20 or 30 pesos more than the beach restaurant prices. And our pick up truck driver came back for us without us asking! Do you mention the pick up trucks on your site? They were hands down our favorite way to get around town, especially since there were often 8 or more of us going somewhere. For a group that size, the price is equivalent to taking the bus. We usually negotiated the driver down to 30 or 40 pesos to get anywhere - even the Mercado was 50 pesos for 10 of us. Gigante was usually 30 pesos. Always a 10 peso tip to basically give them what they were asking for in the first place, too, which led to us getting to know a few of them quite well.
Now about the Costa de Oro. Really beautiful setting, and nice staff, but the food was so much worse than anywhere else we went that I have to bust you on it, although I will grant them the possibility of having had a really bad day. But nobody thought the food was good, and a few of us had very bad dishes. The shrimp on my son's shrimp cocktail had turned, and it wasn't even close, as two other members of our group unfortunately confirmed by tasting it. My chicken tacos had dry, cold, elderly chicken which they tried to cover up by shredding approximately three large carrots on top of about a head of lettuce on top of the tacos. So I would say that you should go back a few times to see if we just got them on a bad day, or what.
Guadalajara Grill was as advertised - loved the atmosphere, margaritas, fajitas. We also went to Tequilas - I'd say run of the mill. Good atmosphere, OK food. My father in law says go for the early bird shrimp special, otherwise no serious reason to go there. We went to El Capitano. This place is fun. Definitely funkier than the other places we went to, which I like. People should go on fiesta nights for music and dancing. They have a couple of kids' play structures right in the middle of the restaurant, which my kids loved, playing with some local kids who played there while their parents (two couples) had muchas cervezas! Food was hit and miss but overall pretty good. People in our group liked the shrimp platter for two. I'll give the lobster about a 5 on a scale of 10, but most other dishes were a hit. Prices were lower than other beach restaurants, too. My mother in law (divorced from my father in law and now going out with my wife's uncle, meaning my father in law's brother - but everyone gets along. . . usually) went here with my wife's uncle our last night instead of to Casa Loma with the rest of us, which shows you how much some of us liked El Capitano.
Once we figured things out, we realized the really fun place at night was the Gaviotas area, from Dairy Queen in toward the beach and then up Gaviotas. I.e. Guadalajara Grill, El Capitano, Ernie Tomato's, La Playa - that area. There are, I'm sure, other concentrated areas that are just as lively at night, but the area around the main El Cid complex was not as fun as this area. Just so you know our demographic, we were three couples in our early 40's, one with kids 4 and 7, one with kids 12 and 14, and one with a 17 year old boy who brought another 17 year old friend. Plus two couples in their early 60's. Not the Senor Frog's crowd, although our 17 year old nephew went with his parents and his friend to Senor Frog's one night, and got to dance with a lot of the local girls who were there because the fleet was in town.
And people should really try a catamaran trip with Giovanni, who's one of the sailors in the jet ski/sailing rental area just south of the El Cid Granada. He's a wonderful kid, his English is passable if that's important to you, and he wants to sail for a living if there's someone out there who wants a good local sailor on their crew. I don't know, maybe he does better where he's working now, but probably not. Tip him good. He also sprayed WD-40 on my 4 year old son when he got multiple jellyfish stings on his leg. Yes, that's the local treatment, and yes, maybe I'm biased for Giovanni for that reason, but he's also a really good sailor.
Anyway, thanks for everything, and sorry for the length of this letter. But I felt compelled to write since we often sat around at about 7-ish each night, drinking margaritas and reading your web pages which we printed out, trying to figure out where to go that evening. And for some reason, some of the group insisted on calling you Ned and Nadine. Go figure. Thanks.
--Dan Beaver

Received: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 15:44:34
Email address: lisecs -AT- cogeco.ca
Subject: Next trip --MAZATLAN

Hello Nadine and Henry,
As I was looking for Mazatlán info, I came upon your website. What a gem!!!! Thank you, Thank you !! My husband and I ( 58 and 51) Canadians, both retired are planning a one month vacation there next February. We hope to be able to exchange our timeshare. If not, we'll find something else.We have been to Mexico MANY times ( Rosarita Beach, Vallarta, Lake Chapala and especially Acapulco, our favorite timeshare location.) We love the mexican people and their culture AND the slower pace of life. I speak spanish fairly well so this helps to get around and more.... We are looking for the ideal ( not too humid ) area for winter months Your information is priceless,I am writing down all that we need to know...We own a Siamese too, looks just like yours- named Simba and simply adorable and spoiled rotten . I don't think he'll do well in the air --much too noisy for his taste. Too bad, cause I would love to bring him, then again, our timeshare does not allow pets .... From reading all your informations, I know that we'll truly enjoy ourselves. Will let you know upon our return. Kindly, Lise and Alain Savoie, Ont. Canada

Received: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:36:22 EST
Email address: DIANXX -AT- aol.com
Subject: Thank you

We had a wonderful time in Mazatlán. Many thanks to you guys and your web site. We followed many of your suggestions on restaurants and totally agree with your taste.
We, also, enjoyed staying at Tom's Treehouse.
We had more fun on this vacation, the pulmonias and the drivers are a riot, people are so friendly, the food was fabulous, the tours were great, we love Mazatlán and we will be back.
Many thanks,
Diane and Dick Wolcott

Received: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 23:14:00 EST
Email address: Ericponcini -AT- aol.com
Subject: Great Website

Just wanted to complement both of you for the very informative website you provide. My mother is from Mazatlán so I have visited plenty of times and really enjoy the lifestyle. The end of this month my wife and my two beautiful kids have reservations at El Cid. It will be my wife and kids first trip to Mazatlán. We can't hardly wait ! My wife and I spent about 2 hours on your website looking at property for sale and found a great selection. Even though we are still fairly young (22 and 23) we have always dreamed of owning a home on the beach. I found lots of important information and best of all it was FREE ! I hope you two continue to enjoy your beautiful home. HASTA LUEGO !

Received: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:20:53 -0600
Email address: "Altamont Hotel" <hotel -AT- mts.net>
Subject: my name is monique grenier ,,,, u have 1 aaaawesome website

hello nadine and henry..
i have just begun to play on the computor and was very fortunate to get into your website ... talk about everything and anything ..... i was searching 4 info on mazatlan, mexico and found so much more than i could obsorbe in one day ..... this is just so awesome...... when i search out australia i hope i have as much success.
my friends andy and diane, and my husband emile are looking forward to seeing australia in the near future and hope the home exchange will help us do that. we enjoy travelling now and we would like to continue to do so while we are healthy and still able to get around. we are in our 40 ties and 50 ties and have seen several places...... but this may just give us the opportunity we need to go sooner than we think.
i will recommend your website to anyone that asks and seeks more knowledge than can possibly be taken in without printing everything up and reading it all in our spare time.
thank u ever so much 4 doing all that and for being able to help us maybe attain our goal in seeing more places with our limited budget. hope you have a good and prosperous year and that u stay healthy...... that is such a blessing these days.

sincerely and in good faith monique , emile, andy and diane.
from altamont . manitoba ,, canada. rogaoa
thanks again for such a beautiful , info filled website.

Received: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 14:14:54
Email address: Steve Mooney <stevem -AT- ccitech.com>
Subject: Mazatlán

Henry & Nadine,

I only want to thank you for the time and effort you have given to the web-site with all the information on Mazatlán.

I will be traveling there for the first time ever for business and came across your web-site and found it remarkably interesting on activities, places to eat, etc. Your efforts have proven to allow me to set my schedule and look around the area while I am there. I never would have known without having your site to visit thus obtaining information on the area. Again, thank you greatly for the information.

Steve S. Mooney
Chief Operating Officer
CCI Technologies, Inc.

Received: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:45:56
Email address: fboitano -AT- worldnet.att.net
Subject: your website on Matzalan

Dear Nadine and Henry, I just finished printing your wonderful information with regard to Matzalan. We are leaving San Jose, Calif. Thursday morning for the Balboa Club and will be spending tendays there with family members. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and came home very disappointed with the material that was available with regard to the area. I purchased nothing because it all seemed so generic. You can't imagine how pleased I was to find your website. We have a variety of interests with a group of this size and age (varying from 81 down to 25) and you covered all of it. I am now very excited about this trip.

Also, must be karma that your family are animal lovers. I have an eight year old Jack Russell terrier that is a great buddy even though he can be quite a handful. Nice to know it is easy to bring them into Mexico because we have a timeshare in Cabo and this dog HATES the kennel, but travels (in the cabin of the airplane) like a champ - guess he has figured that it is better than being left at home...The problem is not generally the transportation but the fact that most of these hotels do not take pets. I always find that interesting because I am sure they have far more damage from rowdy teenagers than any crate trained dog!

Anyway, I would love to make a donation to your Amigos de los Animales and was wondering since I will be there if there was a location where I could drop it off.

Hope this gets to you quickly. Thank You. Our e-mail is fboitano -AT- att.net
Gayle Boitano

Received: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 02:13:27
Email address: jillguevara -AT- hotmail.com
Subject: thanks for the web page

I really didn't expect to find much on Mazatlán that wasn't the "more commercial" garbage, but you have made me a happy woman!
My husband and I have been to Mazatlán a couple of times before and my In-laws have a time share at Pueblo Bonito, so we're not strangers to the area, but I wanted to see something new (or old) that we haven't seen before.
We are also taking our children for the first time (ages 9 and 11) and aren't quite sure what will make this trip as memorable as Disneyland. You have provided me with a few new directions to head and done a smash up job of it!

Received: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 12:48:43 EDT
Email address: SYTSMA1 -AT- aol.com
Subject: Mazatlán

I am a 52 year old police officer from Oregon. My wife and our best friends have been visiting Mazatlán every other year for the past ten years. They have a time share at El Cid (An old Villa) on the golf course and we bought a time share at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay two years ago before it was finished. I just wanted to let you know I much I appreciate and enjoy your websites. Both entertaining and educational. This January, we will be visiting Mazatlán and I am bring my sister and her husband ( in their sixties) with us. The information you make available has been terrific to share with them and I learn something everytime I visit your sites. They have never been to Mazatlán before. My wife and I, along with our best friends plan on buying a place in Mazatlán and spending 6-8 months a year there after I retire in three years time. Anyway, I did want to tell you how terrific you are and to tell you thanks for all you do.

Ray Sytsma

Received: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 06:41:21 -0600
Email address: mamma45it -AT- yahoo.it
Subject: congratulations

I found your site because my daughter and her husband are coming to pass 4 days in Mazatlán and I wished to see the place I'm an Italian woman 56 years old married I'm living in Tuscany (do you know Firenze, Pisa, Siena etc...?) I worked as employee in a Chemical Farm at Purchase Department and from two years I'm retired I have a daughter (28 years old)married with an American boy (34 years old) He is of Mexican origin but he lives in California for 15 years (his mother is living in Acapulco) They are living in California between Los Angeles and San Diego and my husband and me are hoping to come to California sooner Many congratulations for your site it's favolous it's written very well and explains perfectly what a tourist wishes to know Thanks to you I have been able to see the place where my daughter and his husband will still spend a short holiday Thanks again and excuse me if my English is not perfect Franca (an Italian lady)

Received: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:12:27 -0800 (PST)
Email address: kimberly meithof <kimmiegiggler -AT- yahoo.com>
Subject: mazatlan

Well hello to our saviors!

We (9 of my family members) just returned from PARADISE!!! what an experience!!! I just wanted to say thank you for the coupons, and suggestions of places to go and see.

By far all of us say that the country tour was the best thing we did while in Mazatlán! What an amazing experience!!! We never imagined that it would be the way it was!!! We did NOT enjoy the Mexican fiesta at all, the food wasn't so great, and the entertainment wasn't much better. We went to Casa Country and they did a show that was much more superior and the food was to die for... the staff was SOOOOOO friendly!!! and for half the price of the fiesta.

The restaurants were fabulous! Can we suggest that you add El Patio to your list - YUM! Great music on weekends! They also give you a nature tambourine so you can join right on in and you get to take it home!! (My dad got messed up on the peso conversion and instead of giving a 5 dollar tip, he gave a $50 tip...needless to say we went back for a second time and got drinks on the house, dad said they should have carried him up the stairs for that kind of tip!) the one restaurant that we didn't care for at all was the Shrimp Bucket, we used your coupon here, and they charged us anyways!!! We explained that we had coupons, but they said it was invalid ?!?!?!?! The waiter was also very cold to us! had he only knew what kind of tips we give. We went to Senior Frogs twice, once for dinner and once for drinks, and we thought it was a blast! they dont give you an opprotunity to say no to either the jello shots or the tequilla shooters! We asked about writting our names on the ceiling, and they told us th

We referred to your website print outs nearly everyday! and did most of what you suggested!!! (the old market was great for picture taking, but not so good on the tummy while hung over!) Thank you soooo much for your WONDERFUL website!!!!

Received: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 11:01:27 -0600
Email address: Bud and Vonda LaFever <flowers -AT- cin.net>
Subject: Mazatlán!

Hello Nadine and Henry -
We just returned Tuesday from a wonderful Maz vacation - and I wanted to say thank you for your helpful website. We had so much fun!! Actually we sat near you on your flight from Phoenix to Maz. and were next to you waiting customs when you mentioned something about your dog - and a lady thought that you black coat was the dog you were talking about! (We were a couple, plus a 9 year old girl)
We stayed at the Inn at Mazatlán - enjoyed the food there and and ate both the Italian restaurant across the street and the wonderful Italian restaurant in the Pueblo Bonito, just further down the street. We took a Stone Island tour, my daughter rode her first horse, but she wouldn't get into snorkeling.
We own a timeshare in Cabo and this was our first time in Mazatlán - but we will be back. Another surprise - as we were wandering around the hotel, I noticed the door to Dr. Guzman's office - he was not there, but we went back and found him. I was at Creighton U. in the early 1960's and lived in the intern's quarters of the hospital where he was a surgery resident. We had a couple of good talks about what Omaha was like then, and about many of the people we both knew. It was so nice to stir up those old memories.
Anyway - again thank you for your website information.
Bud and Vonda and EllieJo LaFever
Dixon, IL

Received: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 20:15:51 -0500
Email address: benpress -AT- home.com
Subject: mazatlan

just wanted to let you know that i just spent an entire sunday afternoon reading and re-reading your website. it's fantastic and full of useful, practical information. i was in mazatlan for about a week in the late 70's and i loved it. unfortunately, i haven't had the opportunity to return-yet. after checking out your website, i'm making plans to come visit again. who knows, maybe i'll even retire there! thanks for all your efforts in making the web page a wonderful informative place. keep up the good work!

Received: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 07:16:10 -0600
Email address: bblount -AT- sears.com
Subject: Beverly Blount's Vacation

Nadine & Henry, I want to thank -you so much for your web site. Your educational tips and restaurant suggestions make it the most enjoyable vacation I have ever had. I traveled with 2 other African American women to Mexico on a timeshare trade. Although the weather was colder than usual we had a wonderful time. The people were gracious. The food very good and the prices affordable. It's 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning and I am back at work, however, I plan to come back to Mazatlán next year and bring my family, I think the other ladies agree that they want to come back also with either friends or family members. I was a great place for a girl's vacation. We had the opportunity to visit Stone Island, the Jungle Tour, the Mexican Spectacular, and Coppala. A week was really to short to really get the favor of the people, their lifestyle and customs. We didn't get to really see the downtown area. Although we enjoyed the sunrise and sunset on the beach and got plenty of exercise.
Keep up the good work with the web site. I will be checking it multiple times a year in preparation for my next vacation in either April or October.

Received: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:50:15
Email address: "Barbara Marshall" <coolbarb53 -AT- hotmail.com>
Subject: your web site

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your web site is the most informative site on Mazatlán that I have come across on the web. We are taking a family vacation to Mazatlán the end of this month (June). It was a spur of the moment thing although we greatly need the family time.and coming across your site was an answer to prayer. Thank you for the time and attention to detail you spend on this site. The information contained therein is invaluable. I also find your personal information very warm and comforting. I feel somewhat of a connection to the two of you. We also come from the Bay Area and moved to the Gold Country 11 years ago to a little town called Cool. It's very different from Mazatlán, but still an escape from the city. Thank you again for sharing. You do a wonderful service with it. I can spend days on the internet looking for needed information at times, but your site is very comprehensive and I feel I need look no further to find all I need to know about Mazatlán to make this a truly memorable vacation for my family and I.
God bless you both!
Barbara Marshall

Received: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:21:27 -0700
Email address: "Frank & Cristina Shirar" <fshirar -AT- home.com>
Subject: Mazatlán Web Page Feedback

Dear Nadine and Henry,
Hello from Tucson!  

I just have to tell you how much we enjoy your Mazatlán web page.  It's glittering, it's sparkling, it's extremely informative and it's entertaining.  I think yours is the most comprehensive, fun, humorous and professional page on Mazatlán we have seen so far in the www. 

Your enthusiasm for this beautiful resort is really what sold us to it.  We are looking forward to coming down there and seeing it for ourselves this Jul 4th.  By the way, we will be using your Neighborhood list as a guide to see where we would like to pitch our tent a couple of years or so down the road.  Thanks so much for taking the time to care enough to help others.  We would otherwise have no clue on what to expect in Mexico.

  Best Regards,
Chris and Frank

Received: Wed, 30 May 2001 06:22:46 -0600
Email address: "Rennie, Sue TH:EX" <Sue.Rennie -AT- gems3.gov.bc.ca>
Subject: Mazatlán

Hi Nadine and Henry:
I get a real kick out of your website and will recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Mazatlán. The tips are great as is your sense of humour (which definitely helps in Mexico).

My Mother and I have just returned from a week in Mazatlán (May 13 - 20) - girls only - I left my husband at home. We stayed at Las Flores Hotel which is older but we like the location and it's nice to have a kitchen. The views from the room were of course perfect! Our friend Wendy and her 16 year old daughter Crystal (who's half Mexican) came with us. We all had a great time, especially Crystal. It was Crystal's first visit, but my Mother and Wendy actually lived in Mazatlán from 1973 through 1984. I of course, being the dutiful daughter, visited my dear old Mum several times during that period.

It was wonderful to see some of the old haunts again, though everything has changed so much. I can't believe the size of the El Cid development ! We ate all our meals at the suggested restaurants - Guadalahara Grill, Ernie Tomatoes, french toast at the Inn at Mazatlán (which was where I stayed on my first visit to Mazatlán in 1973, when it was the Cantamar), Panama Bakery, the Playa, etc. Since we had a 16 year old with us we had to go to Senior Frogs and I have to admit that I ended up dancing on the tables just like the old days.

Mazatlán is truly a fun place and really recharges your batteries, particularly if you are blond (Nadine can no doubt confirm that!) The people are very warm and friendly and make you feel very welcome.

I thought you might be interested in the story of my Mother's old house. My mother was one of the first owners at El Cid - her lot was # 74 on the Circ El Campeador. In those days you were restricted as to what could be built, so her house was a small 2 bedroom - about 1600 sq feet. Of course, none of the Mexicans who bought at El Cid would follow the guidelines, so now there are many large and even huge houses in El Cid (your own included)! She chose her lot based on the "soon to be built" marina - she was just 20 years too early. Mazatlán was so much smaller then, and El Cid was almost the end of the road - the only thing farther north was the Camino Real. There were virtually no restaurants nearby - you had to head south to Senior Frogs, El Patio, El Marinara, or the Shrimp Bucket. Now almost everything has shifted to the Golden Zone and farther north.

Mum sold her house in approx 1980, furniture included, but it has been deserted for years - no one can locate the owner. Carol (of Carol and Walfrey) did a title search a couple of months ago just in case the title never actually changed hands, but no such luck! However, when we were in town last week we decided to pay the house a visit. The front door was unlocked and we just walked right in. What a disaster ! An animal had been living there (and not using the toilet, I might add), and died in the living room. The skeleton was still there. We think it may have been an oppossum. Otherwise, the interior looked as though someone had just gone out for the evening several years ago then never came back - the bedcovers were turned down in the master bedroom, there was a paperback novel on the end table (actually, decomposing on the end table), golf clubs in the closet, and there was even beer in the fridge! Shades of the twilight zone ! Even though the house is now longer in Mum's name, all the water bills that we found pushed under the door WERE in my Mother's name ! (She's behind 73 months in her payments, according to the May 4th, 2001 bill.) We went to see the El Cid General Manager who has now locked up the house and is arranging for a general clean up, but some of our Mexican friends told us we should have just moved back in (after extensive clean-up of course!).

Another bit of history which you may not know about - Two of my mother's friends (now both dead), along with another partner, built the original Playa Mazatlán back in the 50's. Their names were Jim and Daisy Mae Gabriele. The original hotel consisted of 12 rooms, and Daisy Mae was the chief cook and bottle washer. All their friends thought they were crazy, since there was nothing else around them in those days, even the road from town was unpaved. But Jim and Daisy Mae thought the beach was the best there and went ahead with their dream. When you go into the restaurant you can see a picture of what must be the old hotel on the wall. We're not sure if the man in the photo is Jim, since Mum didn't meet him until the mid-70's and by then he was wearing an eye patch (like a pirate), so we took a picture of it to send to Jim's daughter who lives in Denver, for confirmation.

Anyway, thanks again for a fabulous website - I will keep it as a Favourite and have a peek at it from time to time just to bring back the wonderful memories of times I spent in Mazatlán.

Adios for now,

Sue Rennie
Sue.Rennie -AT- gems3.gov.bc.ca

Received: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 15:00:22 -0600
Email address: "Richard Stewart" <delumber -AT- cadvision.com>
Subject: Your wonderful city

Hello from the Great White North, We have just returned from a perfect week in Mazatlán. Myself and three friends spent 7 days in your city, and it was a fantastic experience. It was my first time, "south of the border" as Mr. Sinatra would say, and it will not be my last. Your Website was a wealth of information, with great tips on the eateries, bars, shopping, and your wise words to the handling of the street and beach vendors. We choose not to go "all inclusive" and stayed at the Las Palmas, while is not a 5 star hotel, we found it quiet, with a great pool, and not overcrowded. The staff was exceptionally friendly, and helpful, and they kept the grounds and rooms spotless. We took in as many restaurants as we could, while finding our way back to a few favourites....The Playa for breakfast, followed by a great stroll along the beach was our wake up routine. The Shrimp Factory was awesome food, and Alberto, looked after us very well the time we dined there. My personal favourite was Chili Pepper...that bacon wrapped shrimp was AMAZING, as was the rest of the food there, and Ruben, our waiter could not do enough for us.(including pounding our helmeted heads with Tequila Fizz's) I highly recommend this restaurant to all. Everything from the Stone Island tour to the "Pulmonia Tour" around the City ( the Sea Lion show at the Aquarium was top shelf.) made our first experience there, most welcome, and unforgettable..."I shall return!"
Richard Stewart
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks again for a first class website, and advice. The best part of the whole trip was, while down there....Calgary got a 10 inch dump of snow in a day and a half....Too Perfect.

Received: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 17:14:48 EST
Email address: GSee805027 -AT- aol.com
Subject: mazatlan

Thanks for the great eatery advice. Spent 10 days and got to 7 of your recs. Wow on the Panama Bakery and Ernies. Well fell in love with Panchos just up from Hotel Playa. Try the french toast. All of your recs were outstanding and made our trip so enjoyable. Best all arround quality/value, Ernies . The 120 peso shrimp dinner and the 80 peso steak and shrimp dinner were espesially delicious. Thankx Again. Our next trip to Mazatlán we'll try your other recs. Yours were 100% correct. The appetizers at Ernies wer the best I've had. As a Flan expert, go to the Terraza Plaza or Panama Bakery. Can't wait to return and eat our way thru Mazatlán. We were always treated friendly and courteously everwhere. Hotel Playa Mazatlán great value.

Received: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 22:37:57 EST
From: Fred and Jane Smith
Email address: Ladeeejane -AT- aol.com

Hi Henry and Nadine,

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are in Mazatlán using your coupons all over the place. We just left La Costa Marinara and they took the 15% of our bill thanks to your coupon, thank you once again. We had dinner at Ernie Tomatoes last night and enjoyed the fried green tomatoes compliments of your coupon also. All of the food has been excellent. We are staying at the Pueblo Bonito this week and will be moving over to the Inn at Mazatlán on Monday December 4th. We can´t wait to see our new place in the Azteca tower. Went over to see the lobby and all the new landscaping and have to agree with you it is just lovely. Took the elevator up to the 12th floor where our unit is and decided we may have made a LITTLE ERROR since we are both afraid of heights. Once we get into our condo, we may never get out of it. We´ll see what happens next Monday.
Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our stay in Mazatlán and that, as in the past, you have helped us enjoy ourselves that much more.
Fred and Jane Smith
Received: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:10:26 -0700
From: Kelly Barrington
Email address: kelly -AT- piercecrow.com
Subject: Thank You

Nadine & Henry:

Thank you for your wonderfully informative website on Mazatlán. My boyfriend and I spent a glorious week there the first week of September (gosh just 2 weeks ago!) and took your advice on where to stay, what to do etc. We stayed at the Playa Mazatlán and had a gorgeous room facing the ocean with a huge veranda overlooking the beach, the palapas, the mariachis etc. We witnessed dramatic thunderstorms at night and heard the waves crashing melodically on the shore. We ate at The Shrimp Bucket, Panchos, the Costa de Oro (great), Senor Frogs, Ernie Tomatoes, Vittore -- too many to mention but all very good. We went to the Acuario, the lighthouse, and old town where we walked around, shopped, toured the beautiful cathedral. We went sport fishing one day and took the pulmonias everywhere. Great fun! One driver gave us a two hour tour around Mazatlán which was interesting and enjoyable. And, of course , we used your coupons everywhere.

Although we are not newcomers to Mexico (Vallarta, Guadalajara, Sonora Bay, Mexico City), we loved reading insider information from ex-pats who are living the life we'd like to live. Bravo for you.

And by the way, we're practically neighbors here in Marin! We live in Mill Valley off East Blithedale. So we can appreciate what a great life you two have carved out for yourselves between the beautiful Bay Area and the wonderfully serene Mexican coast.

Thanks again for a memorable vacation.

Kelly & Rob
Received Wed, 26 Jul 2000
Email address d0000h -AT- hotmail.com

I'm sure you get lots and lots of e-mail about your site "http://www.maztravel.com/" but I still have to add my two cents. With all the poor and 'average' sites on the net I tey and make an effort to praise the ones that wow me. Your site is really great! Contains almost all (if not all) the info I was searching for about our first trip to Mexico (Mazatlán). We'll be staying at the Vidafel Resort, and will be taking all the good info from your web site to enhance our experience! Thanks a lot!

Received Monday April 3, 2000

Gracias Amigos Nadine & Henry,
You truly are "the Goodwill Mafia" of Mazatlán. We have just returned from a great week - March 20, 2000 in Mazatlán, made much more enjoyable with your help. The restaurant guide was of great assistance and we enjoyed the food at all your recommendations that we had time to try. Pancho's was a great place to hang out but the food was just OK, nothing special. Suggest that you check out and add Sombrero bay (across from Hotel Los Sábalos) to your list. Just opened a few months ago, great food, great mexican ambiance and great service. Thanks for all the coupons, certainly helped make the vacation dollars go a little further. The only negative we encountered was arriving during spring break and the party scene was a little louder and longer than us over 40 crowd can endure. Your web sight is a wonderful service for the first time visitor and we will recommend it to everyone. It is a must visit before heading to Mazatlán. Thanks you!
Don & Jo - Calgary. p.s. you can add to your "What others say" if you wish.
Received Tuesday, July 27, 1999
Email address krgorril -AT- RAPTOR.LETHBRIDGEC.AB.CA

Greetings Nadine and Henry from Lethbridge, AB, Canada
I just wanted to thank you for all the information that you have placed under Mazatlán!
My parents and 2 Aunt & Uncles just got back from Mazatlán the other day and felt that they had discovered the best restaurants in the city. Each one of them said that I must e-mail you and thank you for your time in putting your web page together.
It is difficult to go somewhere when you don't have any idea what you should see or where you should go, but with some instruction it makes the world of difference.
Mexicans are wonderful people and very humorous and friendly (that is what I was told).
Thanks so much for all your time and effort!

Received Friday, 23 Jul 1999
Email address DAGSL -AT- aol.com

Yea, so I'm "cruis'n the Web" today feeling kinda "prickly" and I come across this here couple who have a site that says they know Mazatlán. So I say to the wife "Hey wife here's a couple who think they know Mazatlán. Let's check out their funky little page and see what they don't know." Ya see me and the wife went to Mazy for our honeymoon back in '83 [19 that is] right after a huricane had gone through the week before. We stayed at the only "real" hotel South of the border, The Playa. This was back in the "olden days" when the Playa didn't have no stinken "Towers" and Joe's Oyster Bar was only someone's nightmare yet to happen. Because the hurricane had knocked out the A/C, we had none. But we had Room #501 which was at the very top of the Playa with views to die for and every morning we could hear the waiters setting up the terrace for breakfast, the clinking of the glasses and the view of the sun just coming up as the Pelicans glided inches over the waves in perfect straight line formation - not soon forgotten - never duplicated.
And talk about your food, well that's when there was Tony's Piano Bar right across the street from the Playa - in later years Tony had made so much dinero he moved "down town" remodeled an entire building and had a real swanky set up - with chow to match. But I digress. We went to other wonderful restaurants including Senor Peppers - before it got real glitzy - because they had their kitchen knocked out in the hurricane, they were cooking every thing in the front of the restaurant right on the street on a 26' grill top over open coals - it's true. We had tenderloins there as big as hams - well OK maybe small hams - but hugo - we ate so much that night we went back to the room got undressed and laid on the floor and groaned all night - OK for a couple of hours. And there was Casa Loma and others. Anyway, you get the picture, we enjoyed Mazatlán so much we went back every year for about the next 6 or 7 years. We sometimes took the in-laws - still had a wonderful time. Always staying at the Playa always in Room 501 - until the Oyster Bar From Hell was built. We got to know the waiters, the maids and darn near all the staff at the Playa, yada yada yada. Soooooo, this year we are in the only real city North of the Border, San Francisco - we love the city - the only one I'd ever consider living in if I had to live in a city after I retire - we go there fairly often. Again, I digress, so we are in San Fran and I say to the wife "Wife let's go to Mazatlán this fall" and the wife says OK. and since the in-laws are interested in going we all decide to go -Dad is mid eighties and Mom is mid seventies - Dad doesn't often express a disire to travel - but he wanted to go [how could I say no to a guy who let me marry his daughter? Plus he's a good guy. (Even if he dosen't see this.)] Soooooo, I'm cruis'n the Web and I see your site. And me and the wife start to look at the restaurants and other points of interest on your site. In keeping with the brevity of this e-mail, we wanted to say how much we enjoyed your site. Not often does one come across a site with the obvoius labor of love you have devoted to this site. And, based on our expereinces, you have not misled the cyber public - of course we can't say for sure cause we have been there yet this fall, but you are to be commended - still, last time we were there, the hot #1 restaurant on your list was a closed disco that had always been a "white" elephant with a great view. [We are looking forward to trying it!]
I have a few questions, if you find the time. (1) do either of you speak Spanish? (2) How many hours did you spend setting up this site? (3) do you know of a gym in Mazatlán where the wife and I can go to lift a few free weights? [When you get to be my age you tend to need to lift more weights and fewer cervezas.]
If you have tried Beetlenut in San Fran - check it out - great food. Again many thanks for sharing so much, we found your site delightful - we especially liked "the family" [we have a similar "bent" - as you can see at our site at: lglegal.com]
We will be sure to touch base with you when we get back form our trip this fall - maybe we'll see ya in Mazatlán - we'll be the couple with the sunburn and the sunburned in-laws.
Happy trails
Dave & Susan ["the better half"]

Received May 5, 1999
Email address: smarias -AT- springsips.com

Dear Henry and Nadine,

I just got back from sunny Mazatlán! I used a bonus week vacation at Pueblo Bonito Resort and asked 3 friends to join me. We were there April 26- May 3rd. Before I left, I printed out lots of your recommendations off your web site...especially the restaurants. You guys gave us the BEST recommendations, thank you! We loved Guadalajara Grill (very fun, excellent service, and great food and drinks (Flying Cow in the Yard); Costa de Oro's breakfast was the greatest..we ordered what you recommended..orange juice and chilequiles were delicious. Casa Loma was elegant dining with delicious shrimp (the Diablo was great as well as the Casa Loma Salad). Panama Bakery was fun to eat where all the locals eat...and what great food! It was nice that they had sample dishes to look at when you walk in. In about mid-week, we were all craving for a great burger...so we walked across the street from Pueblo and ordered a Thorny Burger. Delicious! Ernie's Tomato's was fun....went to lunch there and loved the atmosphere. I finally got to eat Fried Green Tomatoes...a real treat. The Shrimp Bucket was also a great, festive place....the Coconut Shrimp there, was the best I ever had...and the Blackberry Dacquiri, great taste and never had one before. Pancho's was fun..but the vendor's bombarded us! We had one friend in the group that didn't know how to say "no"....she finally caught on :o).

The Mexican Fiesta at Hotel Playa Mazatlán was a great time for $23.00. The food was very good with unlimited drinks. One place that you didn't mention that was excellant was La Casa Country. It had the greatest Carne Asada there as well delicious filet mignon...I was impressed since I grew up in Chicago and my Dad was in the Meat business....we always had the most tender steaks. We also took a City Tour from Pueblo Bonito...that was fun...did lots of walking on the beach, lots of shopping. We took 2 catamaran sailboat rides with a guy named Milton....he was great! Spoke great English and was so willing to please. His sailboat was next to Pueblo Bonito in front of that blue hotel...he has the blue and white Pacifico sails...I'd recommend him too!

Thank you so much for all your great recommendations...we had a great time in your home town, Mazatlán!

We all live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado....a ski resort. If you ever have questions regarding our town...you can email me.
Sue Marias
smarias -AT- springsips.com

Received April 21, 1999
Email address: Lisa.Mallett -AT- gems3.gov.bc.ca

Hola Nadine and Henry:

My husband and I just spent 2 weeks in Mazatlán (March 19 - April 2) armed with a hard copy of your restaurant recommendations. They were fantastic and we shared the information with all other vacationers that we met! Thank you for your good taste, discerning judgement and willingness to share valuable information.

One of our favourite restaurants was La Fragata (near the El Shrimp Bucket) and I wish to recommend it to other travellers as I am afraid it won't be there for long if they don't get more business. We went twice and never saw more than 4 other people at this large, lovely restaurant. The food was excellent and the prices very reasonable, especially for the quality and great service. They serve one of the best flans I have ever tasted (I'm a flan-freak) and, unlike many other restaurants and bars in Mazatlán, there is a substantial quantity of tequila in their margaritas! Also, La Fragata will pay the taxi fare and tip (up to 30 pesos, approx. $3.00 US) for anyone taking a taxi to their restaurant for dinner - great incentive!).

Pancho's gets rave reviews from us for best-tasting, largest, and best-priced margaritas (23 pesos is a steal for one of these fish-bowl-sized drinks - they are as strong as those served at Senor Frogs, so you have to watch out).

Speaking of Senor Frogs, we are also "40 something", but had an absolutely wonderful night dining there. We got there early and stayed quite a long time - missed the line-ups by going about 6:00 pm and stayed until about 10:00 pm. We may have just been lucky that night with the music selection, but it was all old, familiar hits that we 40-somethings grew up with (no rap or techo-pop rock - which would have been unbearable at the volume they play the music). We sang along with the people dining at nearby tables to classics like "American Pie" and "Brown-eyed Girl", sent other tables "jello-shots" and received the same back, had balloon hats made for us, and danced on our chairs...it was a blast! When we were leaving, a young college girl about 20 years old actually stopped us and commented on what a good time we were having. She said she wished her parents could party like we were doing, she admired us for it, and went so far as to say she wished her dad was more like my husband! We chuckled, knowing that if we were her parents, she would have been telling us to shut up and sit down as we were embarrassing her!

One final recommendation from us for you guys to consider in your list of recommended restaurants - Carlitos Bar and Grill, which is right on the beach, north of the No Name Cafe, but south of the Costa D'Oro. The food was great and very, very reasonable (their breaded shrimp and fries for 60 pesos is quite comparable to that served at the El Shrimp Bucket for 110 pesos). The sunsets are great from Carlitos, the staff were friendly, and the live jazz bands we heard there were all terrific.

Thank you again, for the help and advice provided on the net. I say "Don't go to Mazatlán with out checking with Nadine and Henry!"

Received March 18, 1999
Email address: retiredchuck -AT- msn.com


Comments: I don't know where to begin to tell you what a difference your website made to our one week visit to Mazatlán the first wwek in March of 1999.

We are a 65+ couple who travel a modest amount each year. Last fall we went to Los Cabos, and now to Mazatlán. I Downloaded about 50 pages from your site, Restaurants, Cab Fares, Bus Service etc. We used every bit of it while we were there.

Your selection and description of restaurants was excellent. The best was Casa Loma, then Los Arcos, then El Shrimp Bucket, then Thorny's, then the Terrace at Hotel Playa Mazatlán, and last Ernie's Tomatoes. However all were good. Did a little experimenting on our own and in essence struck out. Henry and Nadine 5 for 5, Chuck and Doris 0 for 4.

Bought shoes at 3 Heremanos, Tshirts at the Mercado, and saved at least $75 US by using the bus rather than cabs.

We stayed at the Vidafel (a Time share exchange for us).

On a personal note, two interesting things, I have first cousins named Henry & Nadine (they are brother & sister). Also I was reading the March 1999 Pacific Pearl and was intigued by the article about Slugs & Newtons, (I am an engineer) the surprise was to find out who the author was. You seem to have a wide range of interests and a very quick mind and wit. I appreciated both the web site and the Pacific Pearl and your article. If you have a Bio some where I would knowing how I can learn more about such an interesting person.

Thank you,
Chuck & Doris Bicknell
PS A suggestion on how to read a Mazatlán phone book could be added to the website. I was trying to find the address of the olod town Doneys restaurant. the entry was DONYS MESCOBAR 246 Or something similar. I did deduce after a while that the restaurant was on the street MEscobar and the number was 246, but it took a while. An example on the website might be helpful to some people.

Received 2/27/99
Email address: jdonaldson -AT- uswest.net

Henry and Nadine,

We just spent 9 wonderful days in Mazatlán. Your website and the book you recommended by Ray were the reason we had such a fabulous time! We followed your tip about bringing one dollar bills with us and found them to be a very easy way of tipping. We also printed out your restaurant suggestions and coupons and they were extremely helpful. We found the other Pura Vida next to the Inn at Mazatlán and had smoothies and their wonderful food everyday for breakfast or lunch. We couldn't believe the size of the smoothies for only about $1.80 US! One thing we have to mention is the salsa at the Guadalahara Grill. It was the best we've ever had. It is prepared right at your table and you even get to choose the ingredients. We also used the bus system like you suggested and saved tons of money in taxi fees. It was very safe and quite friendly. Thank you so much for making our vacation an easy and wonderful experience.

Susanne Maxwald and James Donaldson
Seattle, WA

Received 1/9/99
Email address: bristol -AT- gte.net

Greetings Nadine and Henry,

Even though our relationship was mostly virtual before December 26th, after spending nine days in Mazatlán with our hardcopy of your website suggestions, we felt that our relationship is now much closer.

We defintely enjoyed the cuisine, using your suggestions we ate at the Shrimp bucket (2x), Senor Frogs, Guadalahara Grill, Panama bakery and the Playa. We did not embarrass ourselves as per your instructions and had no problem with the water/food we enjoyed. We would like to say that the service and food was most excellent at Chili Peppers (2x) and would love to have you venture your opinon(s) as to why it did not make your favorite list.

The map helped us orient ourselves quickly and we also took a personal city tour with Victor Gomez (Travel with a Friend) as suggested by a friend my husband works with at Boeing. Our stay at the playa Mazatlán was most pleasant, your suggestion of having single dollar bills encouraged smiles galore from the cabbies, wait staff and maid service. (A dollar a day on the dirty towels and never once was our room neglected!) Knowing about getting a cabby to commit to a price ahead of time made our friends that joined us later think us pros. (We later told them of your guidance :) .

Thank you for your assistance with our first trip to Mazatlán [our first trip together (longer than a weekend including our honeymoon) out of the country without children in eight years]. We felt somehow comforted to read ahead and then refer to our hardcopy while making decisions about our day's plans. Upon making plans for our next trip (which happened while we were there of course) we will certainly seek out your helpful and informative website.

Most Sincerely,
Linda and Skeeter Glenn (Two fairly tan and well rested individuals)

Received 12/3/98
Email address: tharris -AT- ctc.ctc.edu

Dear Henry and Nadine,

Just a note to thank you so very much for your wonderfully helpful information on Mazatlán. My husband and I spent last week there for the first time (my first time out of the US).

Because of all your helpful information and web links we had absolutely no problem getting around on the buses, using the money (and reciting the history of the people on it!), having great meals at the restaurants you'd suggested, tipping and getting acquainted with the most wonderful local people. My husband is Native American and made lots of new friends quickly - he even gave the beach vendors some competition with his mimics and bargaining (story telling!) powers, played dominoes and chess with the shop keepers and older men. Our hearts are lost to the Mexican people and we have special memories of a great time - thank you again!

Don and Teresa Harris

Received 4/15/98
Email address: banister -AT- logical123.net


I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Mazatlán last week. In our rush to get to the airport I did not have enough time to write in your book, and I just wanted to let you know what a help the tips in that book are. We followed your recommendations for restaurants and were always delighted. We also went over to Stone Island to ride horses, and wish we had taken our bathing suites, we did not realize there was such a nice beach and facilities over there. We would recommend to anyone to make a whole day of it over there, it was a beautiful spot. We also felt bad that in our rush to get to the airport we did not leave your maid a tip. She did a wonderful job, and I hope you will tell her that. You house is wonderful and we are recommending it to friends here in Indiana. It is raining and cool here in Indiana, and we are wishing we never left Mazatlán. We hope we can return soon. Once we get the pictures developed we can enjoy it all over again! Thanks again for everything.

Lorinne & Andy,
Jennafer & Nicole Banister

Received 1/31/98
Email address: TwstuvFate -AT- aol.com

Henry and Nadine

I have returned from our 2 week vacation in Mazatlán refreshed relaxed and invigorated Thanks again for compiling such a complete and informative web site on such a wonderful and beautiful place. I printed out many of the coupons you offered and I think we used almost all of them

Your insights and favorites from the restaurants were right on the mark and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am already planning to return in 1999 even though our hotel the Inn at Mazatlán will be in the midst of construction an additional tower new pool etc.

Thank you again - your site was invaluable Adios Amigos


Received 2/6/98
Email address: ANRAM1 -AT- aol.com

Nadine and Henry:

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Mazatlán. Before we went, we got online and printed your recommendations on places to go and places to eat. We went to all your five star recommendations and loved every one of them. Your comments were right on the money, and we agreed with everything you said. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, loved the restaurants and felt very comfortable there, mostly because of all your guidance. Our favorite restaurant was the Casa Loma, where we got the shrimp diablo, which was absolutely delicious. The ambiance at the Shiek was beyond belief and the Playa Mazatlán was beautiful. We loved eating almost on the beach.

Thank you again for all your help. Mazatlán is a beautiful town and we hope to return again.

Marna, Alan, Nancy and Marc

Received 3/6/98
Email address: does not wish to be displayed

I gotta say your site was a huge help. We went down to Mazatlán and stayed at the Playa from the 13th to the 20 of Feb. We had a great time. Everything you guys said was true. You know what? 6 of us went to that Senor Frogs place...we are all around 22 by the way and we hated it!We should've listened to you guys but we thought wed give it a chance. One place you guys should add to your site is a thing about Pedro's. We probably had some of the best food there and the hospitality there was the best out of all the places we went. We tried Gus Gus but we found a fly in our french toast and werent very happy about that at all. Went on a trip to Stone Island which was a great time by all...although the tour guide was....ummm...interesting. We had great food at a little alley near Ernie Tomatoes which served amazing food for cheap. And we also ate at Gringo Lingo which was also very good...and cheap too(for lunch) We did check out old mazatlan which was a nice change and we had fun bargaining too. Oh,....and you were right about No Name Cafe as well....definitely the best ribs I have ever eaten! Amazing stuff. The thing we were most impressed with was the Bora Bora. We had so much fun there! Thanks for the advice...Joes Oyster Bar was fun and so was Valentino's...and the Fiesta was good too. We did alot and had a tonne of fun. The cambio advice couldnt of been better and all in all your site is amazing and just a huge help. We truly appreciate the advice that it contained, and the ideas. We had a fantastic time and we will be returning next year again for our break.

To end off I will say that our entire group is very jealous of you! You live in a graeat place. Just to give you an idea of how cold it is here. We left Mazatlán it was likely in the mid-high 70's we got back here...and lets just say it was negative. Anyway thanks again....you guys have done a great job. I have a friend who works at a travel agency and I gave her your web address because we found it such a huge help.


Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Received 3/2/98
Email address: tencap1 -AT- aol.com

Your page was a tremendous help to us on our visit last week. We bought at Marina El Cid last year and had a little knowledge of Mazatlán but your reviews and information made things much much easier. The folks at Red2000 got me up an running on the Web which saved me hours of work when I got home answering emails. Your resturant reviews were right on target. We loved having breakfast at the Hotel Playa and Mr. As for breakfast and dinner was just great.

Keep on digging up useful information on Mazatlán and well put it to use when we come back next year.

Pat Riggs

Received 4/10/98
Email address: stumarr -AT- ican.net

Dear Nadine and Henry,

Thank you for your reply to my December 10, 1997 request for information re driving to Mazatlán.

We left Kingston, Ontario on January 13, 1998 after being without power for six days due to a bad ice storm in our area. We had good driving weather all the way to Sierra Vista, Arizona where we stayed for two days before crossing into Mexico at Nogales on January 19, at 7:15 A.M.

We spent a week in Mazatlán and two weeks in Puerto Vallarta. The entire trip went very smoothly. The information you provided on the internet of your driving experience to Mazatlán was most helpful to us, particularly regarding crossing the border and advising the amount of $200.00 U.S. in pesos for tolls and snacks on the drive down.

We arrived back in Kingston, Ontario on February 18th. Total driving miles 8700.

We thoroughly enjoyed Mexico and would like to thank you for helping to make our trip a pleasant experience.

Joan and Stu Marr

Well, there you have my recent batch of letters. I'll try to add new ones occasionally as they come on. I always ask for permission before posting a letter, so don't worry, I won't include that nasty thing you said about your mother in law without your permission.

Quote of the day:
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Jeve Moorman

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