For years we have tried to find a place to live in the USA during the summer that we liked at much as Mazatlan in the winter. The various places we have tried included the Oakland hills in California, Incline Village, Nevada (which borders Lake Tahoe), and Belvedere, Marin County, California. Well, in 2003, we moved again, this time to Reno, Nevada. So far, of all the places we have tried, we like this one the best. In what follows, I'll try to explain why.

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Let's start with the views. Here is what we see standing on our balcony and looking to the east. Now when we lived in the Oakland hills and in Incline Village, we also had great views, so views aren't everything, but they don't hurt either. Here is the view looking west. The mountains are usually topped with snow until sometime in June. You might expect Reno to be dry and desert-like, and in general you would be right, but our area is very heavily irrigated, and hence lush and green. Where better to enjoy the nice surroundings than on our upstairs patio, which is located just outside the master bedroom. We often fire up the barbie and have a glass of wine while relaxing here.

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